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Flow in the Private Practice

Hear directly from Dr. Hannah Nearney and Dr. Kultar Garcha as they share their first-hand experiences with integrating Flow Neuroscience into their private practices and patient care strategies. Delving into topics such as:

  • What aspects of Flow they find most beneficial in their practice
  • Why they have chosen to incorporate Flow into their treatment protocols
  • Patient demographics they have successfully treated with Flow
  • Open Q&A session

This webinar offers invaluable insights into the practical applications of Flow Neuroscience, directly from those who have witnessed its impact in clinical settings. Also available here.

Contraindications and side-effects of Flow

Flow Neuroscience's Global Medical Director, Dr. Kultar Garcha, provides an update regarding Flow's contraindications, warnings, and side-effects. Watch this webinar to learn more on: Specifically:

  • tDCS side-effects from the literature and clinical trial
  • Flow side-effects from real-world data
  • What's changed with Flow's contraindications and warnings?

Flow and the NHS

Flow Neuroscience's Head of Growth, Sam Lowden, alongside Flow Neuroscience's NHS Liasion Lead, Alexis Besson, provide a deep-dive into everything related to Flow and the NHS:

  • Dive into results from ongoing primary care, perinatal and CMHT pilots
  • Hear clinician and patient feedback  
  • Overview of recent NICE MIB324
  • Upcoming opportunities 
  • Open Q&A

Overview of long-term usage and Flow treatment schedules

Flow Neuroscience's Clinical Lead, Hanna Silva, shares insights about Flow's stimulation schedule and long-term usage. Specifically:

  • Overview of the Flow treatment schedule
  • What does the evidence say about long-term usage of tDCS?
  • Alternative stimulation schedule recommendations
  • Open Q&A

EMPOWER trial interim results review

Hear directly from Flow Neuroscience Chief Clinical Officer and Founder, Daniel Månsson, in an exclusive webinar to learn more about Flow's recent clinical trial. Specifically:

  • Overview and summary of the initial results from the EMPOWER clinical trial 
  • Review what these results mean for your patients and your practice