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Flow is currently being used across the NHS in Primary and Secondary Care.
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We are working with the NHS across services

Since March 2023, the NHS have been trialling Flow in four pilots:

1. Primary Care: Flow is offered as an alternative to antidepressants or therapy via select GP practices. First results are very positive and have been published in this journal by the NHFT. Launched March 2023.
2. Community Mental Health: Flow is offered in combination with antidepressants and therapy. The goal is to improve patient outcomes, test ease of integration into CMH workflows, and provide another treatment option to those on waitlists for TMS. Launched August 2023.

3. Perinatal Services: Flow is offered to women suffering from postpartum depression who do not want to use antidepressants in Northamptonshire. Launched September 2023 and you can read more about it on the NHS website.

4. NHS Practitioners: In conjunction with the NHS Practitioner Health service, eligible front-line NHS clinicians will be able to access Flow. Launched December 2023.

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Successful trial with Northamptonshire primary care

Since March 2023 Flow has been offered as a depression treatment via NHS primary care in Northamptonshire. This offering has been independently evaluated by Northamptonshire Health Foundations Trust (NHFT), and the first set of results have been published in a journal.

The team at NHFT concluded that Flow had been successfully integrated into a primary care service depression treatment, and that the results support the use of Flow as a treatment option for people with symptoms of depression.

See what our NHS patients say

The effect Flow had, I think it’s been quite groundbreaking for me and my depression and anxiety, it’s been a life changer.

I’m feeling better in myself. I feel more confident, and I feel less anxious about being myself, and I’ll chat with people in the supermarket.

It’s had a tremendous impact in terms of positivity and wanting to get involved in doing things.

Since using it I’m happy, I’m energetic, I'm motivated.

I say my sleeping improved pretty quickly, after using it….I think within the first week.

I feel more confident, I feel a little bit stronger in myself… rather than hiding myself away.

I’ve gained confidence...I’m actually making sure that I do take part in life now and not just withdraw.

I can hold a conversation now. Whereas previously, I couldn’t think of how to keep a conversation going.

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Reduce cost of care

Using Flow reduces the cost of treating depression. We have a third party validated economic model we’d love to share with you.

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Easily integrate into existing treatment pathways

Our work with NHS Primary Care and Community Mental Health Services show that Flow can be offered without any additional resourcing required.


NICE reviews our clinical trial

NICE has reviewed Flow’s evidence for the treatment of depression, and have interviewed a number of experts about the value of Flow to patients and the NHS.

They conclude that "There is high-quality, comparative evidence from the UK that Flow can improve symptoms of depression and lead to remission".

"None of the clinical experts were aware of any issues that could prevent this technology or procedure being adopted in the NHS".