A new way to treat depression

Join over 150+ private clinics across the UK and Europe who are using tDCS technology to treat depression.

Clinician rounded

Increase choice, improve outcomes

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Enhance results for patients

Combine Flow with therapy and/or antidepressants.


None of the side effects of drugs

Provide a new treatment option to patients who don’t want to be on antidepressants.

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Alternative for treatment-resistant

Use Flow in cases where depression is hard to treat.

How clinics work with Flow

Access to headsets

Model 1

  • Clinic buys headset for £300 and sells or rents to patients

Model 2

  • Clinic has 10% discount code to pass onto patient and they buy directly from Flow

Software included

  • Free access to Flow Clinical Software
  • Monitor patient adherence and symptom changes
  • Customise treatment protocol

Support & Marketing help

  • Training provided
  • Patient education material provided
  • Customer support with 2 business day SLA
  • 1 year warranty on headsets, no questions asked
  • Imagery, videos and copy library access, for use on your own website and marketing materials.

Clinic case study

Sarah is a psychiatrist working in private practice. Many of Sarah's patients suffer from depression.

Sarah recommends Flow when she wants to:

  • Provide a patient with an alternative to antidepressants, or
  • Enhance the results she is getting from therapy

When Sarah recommends Flow, the patient purchases a device from Flow's website.

Sarah can then oversee their treatment using Flow's Clinical Platform, which allows Sarah to remote monitor adherence and symptom change, and if necessary, adjust number of stimulation sessions available to the patient.

This gives Sarah new visibility of how the patient is progressing between in-person sessions.

By integrating Flow into her treatment program, Sarah has a new option for patients struggling with other treatment types.

Sarah's holistic offering of therapy, antidepressants and tDCS provides patients with greater choice and improved outcomes.

Leading academics and clinics support Flow

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Flow’s exciting and encouraging data raise the prospect of a real advance in the treatment of depression…a helpful intervention for many people suffering from major depression.

Allan Young

Chair of Mood Disorders, King’s College London

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Flow’s results show a clear separation of active and sham treatment in a large, multisite randomised controlled trial… a very promising development in mental health treatment.

Corey Keller

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences, Stanford University


Flow has gained popularity among our patients [in NHS pilots]. This positive reception speaks volumes about the effectiveness and patient satisfaction associated with Flow.

Dr Azhar Zafar

GPA Director of Research, NHS GP


If the patient has a poor response to antidepressants, I add Flow to the treatment plan. The modalities empower each other. We have grown our business with Flow.

Katrin Orav

Psychiatrist, Sensus


Home-based treatment that is safe and evidence-based. A major step forward for patients with depression.

Sophia Frangou, MD PhD

Professor of Psychiatry, Mount Sinai & Editor-in-Chief of European Psychiatry


With Flow’s brain stimulation headset our highly respected experts now have a new tool to treat depression.

Elena Touroni, PhD

Clinical Director, Chelsea Psychology Clinic

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Flow has provided an additional means of treatment for our clinics and has increased our client base for both stand alone Flow users and as an add on to our TMS service.

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