Flow and Private Practice

Flow is now being used by 200+ private practice clinics

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How are private practices using Flow?

Flow is another tool in the depression treatment toolkit. It is being used:

  • To help treat patients not responding to other treatment types
  • To provide an alternative treatment option for patients that don’t want to take an antidepressant
  • As a combination treatment alongside therapy and/or antidepressants to deliver fast and effective results

“Flow is a real breakthrough in a speciality where so many of our medications can cause significant side effects and therapy is not a “quick fix" - Hannah Nearney, Anchor Psychiatry Group

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Flow multicenter double-blind, placebo controlled RCT

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How do you get started?

Step 1: A short call or email exchange where we collect your clinic details. Then, if you are treating patients with depression, we send out a Flow headset for you to test, free of charge. Get started

Step 2: A 1 hour formal training session for clinicians, free of charge. This can be 1-1 or in a group.

Step 3: Review our guide for clinicians. The guide answers all the typical questions clinicians and patients have (such as who can use the device, how often it should be used, whether it can be used with other medications and how long it should be used for etc.). You can find a copy of this here

Step 4: Begin recommending Flow as a treatment option to your patients. If you want to sell or rent headsets, you can purchase them at discounted clinical prices from Flow’s Clinician web portal.

Throughout this process you will have the support of Flow’s clinical engagement team, who are on hand to provide training and support.

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“Having been used to offering rTMS to patients as a last resort, it is very liberating to be able to offer Flow as one of several initial treatment choices. Patients find it very easy to use and I love the fact that I can monitor their use using a validated scale" - Daniel Allen, Phoenix Mental Health Services

Learn more about Flow?



Learn more about length of treatment, side effects, RCT results and Flows NHS programs


Flow and tDCs evidence

Access key papers and evidence summaries


In-clinic resources

Find patient leaflets, educational tDCS videos and more


Flow's clinical products

You may be familiar with the Flow headset and mobile app, which together deliver the tDCS treatment. But did you know there is also a product just for clinicians?

This product is called the Flow Clinical Platform. Its a software for clinicians that integrates with the headset and mobile app and enables you to:

1. Remote monitor - see how patient symptoms and adherence change over time.

2. Customise the dosage - some patients need more stimulation minutes. Use Flow’s CPP to override the standard treatment protocol and provide more minutes

When you work with Flow to provide tDCS to your patients, this software is provided free of charge.