Clinical research on tDCS for depression
The Flow brain stimulation treatment is based on decades of clinical research with the most recent meta-analyses showing that tDCS has similar efficacy to other treatments but with fewer side effects.
Across 20+ randomized controlled trials, tDCS has been shown to be superior to placebo/sham and no serious adverse events have been observed. Hence, tDCS provides an alternative to medication that is effective, safe and accessible.

tDCS antidepressant effects peak at 6 weeks
Nikolin et al.
Mar, 2023

tDCS antidepressant effects peak at around 6 weeks

Frengi et al. 2021
Frengi et al.
Jul, 2020

tDCS for depression is definitely effective (level A evidence)

Moffa et al. 2020
Moffa et al.
Apr, 2020

A meta-analysis: tDCS was an effective intervention in reducing depressive symptoms

Psychological Techniques

Clinical research on behaviour therapy and lifestyle factors depression
The Flow therapy app is based on a hundred years of psychological research, showing that exercise, sleep, diet and meditation all have an impact on reducing depressive symptoms when incorporated into a regular routine.

Hallgren et al.2020
Hallgren et al.
Oct, 2020

Associations of exercise frequency and cardiorespiratory fitness with symptoms of depression and anxiety – a cross-sectional study of 36,595 adults

Üzer & Yücens 2020
Üzer & Yücens
Sep, 2020

The effect of circadian preferences on insomnia severity and depressive symptoms via sleep hygiene in older adults with depression and healthy controls.

Reangsing et al. 2020
Reangsing et al.
Jul, 2020

Effects of mindfulness meditation interventions on depression in older adults: A meta-analysis

Flow treatment for depression

The Flow treatment has proven effective, both by research trials conducted by third parties and by internal analysis conducted by Flow Neuroscience.
The Flow treatment has been shown in multiple clinical trials to have a positive impact on depression and to reduce depressive symptoms within 3 weeks.
Internal analysis shows 81% of Flow users experiencing an increase in focus, mood and optimism with 30% overcoming depression completely.

Flow RCT
Woodham et al.
Nov, 2023

Home-based tDCS is a potential first line treatment for MDD that is acceptable and safe

Ganho Ávila1 et al. 2022
Sobral et al.
Oct, 2022

Using Flow home-based tDCS in clinical practice; case series

Woodham et al. 2022
Woodham et al.
Sep, 2022

Is Flow a potential first line of treatment for depression?